Gettys Center

Empowering the Youth of Grants Pass

The Need

Grants Pass is a city under siege from the homelessness epidemic to the pervasive drugs problem to a disenfranchised and apathetic youth.

Youth in our city have long lacked resources and edifying activities.

Grants Pass is in desperate need of an answer that offers a safe, vital, relevant alternative for the youth and the wider community.

Youth in our community are often without strong family leadership and default to seek belonging with drugs, addiction, and often, violence.

NLPC is committed to taking aggressive positive action in pushing back the angry tide and shoring up the health and vitality of the people in our community.

The Gettys Center promises to be a key to unlock individual potential and foster personal growth in the youth of Grants Pass.

The Vision

The Gettys Center, set for completion in December 2024, is NLPC's flagship resource for community development. The heart of NLPC is the people of Grants Pass and the Southern Oregon region.

NLPC first began on Isham St. and 34 years later is growing into a thriving campus off of Hwy 199 near RCC in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Honoring the Gettys family, whose legacy in community involvement spans 35 vears, the Gettys Center is a long-awaited answer for the youth.

This center will offer free, safe, supervised events, including coffee nights, group lessons, sports nights, and the be FREE  Addiction Recovery Program.

The Work

NLPC is actively addressing these concerns by providing vital alternatives through initiatives like be FREE, a faith-based addiction recovery program launched in January 2024.

be FREE is having tremendous results across the United States and Canada. NLPC Jail Ministry recently brought be FREE to the inmates of Josephine County Adult Jail.

NLPC is actively pursuing the voiceless and forgotten in our community to offer them lasting change. Join us in shaping a vibrant future for the youth and the broader Grants Pass community.

NLPC invites like-minded community members to invest in and become donors for the Gettys Center. 

New Life Pentecostal Church at 1983 Willow Lane in Grants Pass, Oregon