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SUNDAY MAY 3, 2020

A Simple Recipe

Pastor Dansby

Ask in confidence and every need shall be met.

SUNDAY MAY 7, 2020

Recompense of Reward

Brother Dan Gettys

We've invested everything because after all we will receive the recompense of our reward.

SUNDAY MAY 10, 2020

Don't Abuse Your Mother

Pastor Dansby

There are too many people who abuse the privilege of being in the church of the living god. They use the church as a doormat.

SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020

Watch & Pray

Pastor Dansby

Daily you need to pray and have a place where you go to pray coupling watchfulness with carefulness.


Finding Apples

Brother Chris Jelderks

Jesus works on us because He loves us. It may not feel good, but through the process fruit may be found.

SUNDAY MAY 28, 2020

Down in the Deep Dark Cellar

Brother Chris Jelderks

In the cellar of the heart, there is scary black darkness and mystery. God works it all to will his good purpose.

MAY 2020

God's Promise

Brother Joey Boggs

In life we have a hard time keeping our promises, but God follows through on His promises.

SUNDAY MAY 31, 2020

The Need of A Teaching Priest

Pastor Dansby

There is a lack of law when there is no teaching priest.