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SUNDAY MAY 1, 2022

The Demas Syndrome

Pastor Dansby

What happened to Demas? Demas was a quitter. When things got tough for the apostle Paul, Demas loved this present world instead of the church.

SUNDAY MAY 5, 2022


Pastor Dansby

When you make up your mind you going to live for God, the devil who has had thousands of years to project dangers and pitfalls will be setting a trap for you. Beware.

SUNDAY MAY 15, 2022

The Gift of Righteousness

Pastor Dansby

Is righteousness as much a gift of god as is grace? You can’t get one without getting the other.

SUNDAY MAY 19, 2022

Redeeming The Time

Pastor Dansby

The work of the church is souls and reaching the lost. There is no time to spare, no time to waste.

SUNDAY MAY 22, 2022

Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

Pastor Dansby

If you don't love your neighbor as yourself, you are committing sin.


Iron Sharpens Iron

Brother Dan Gettys

Remember when God began to get a hold of your heart? Somewhere, some way a church got a hold of you. Now you need to the church and get serious about reaching out to Grants Pass and be confident that you can.

SUNDAY MAY 29, 2022

Why You Need The Holy Ghost

Brother Chris Jelderks

One of the greatest things you can do is be baptized with the Holy Ghost.